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Herbal Energetics

In herbalism the term "energetics" refers to the subtle ways a plant impacts the human mind, body and spirit. We are each unique in our energetic make up or as they say in Traditional Chinese Medicine, constitution. Do you tend to run hot or cold? Are you thirsty all the time? Plants have qualities like that too. Some plants are drying while others are cooling, some can warm the body, while others add moisture. Warming herbs are helpful to sore muscles, cooling herbs can relieve headaches and digestion upset. Drying herbs can assist the body in tumor reduction, and moistening herbs can protect mucus membranes.

Conditions can also have energetics. A cough can be either moist or dry, a sunburn and fever are warm. Choosing plants that have opposite characteristics can counteract the negative energetics we have and bring balance back to our system. By putting aloe on a sunburn, it will cool and moisten the skin. Mothers can drink peppermint tea to dry up their milk supply because peppermint has the energetic property of drying! Ginger is warming and is great to take when you have a cold, chamomile is cooling and moistening, which can restore balance to those who are dehydrated.

Once you start researching the energetic properties of herbs, the sky is the limit as to how they can assist you in every day life. By consuming them in tea or tincture or applying them topically, plants can and will change your life for the better. Everything is energy, including ourselves. Once you start utilizing the energy of plants to balance your body, you might think about doing the same with other things, like people!

To better health and wellness!



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