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The Benefits of Herbal Tea

There is an ancient ritual that dates back as far as 200BC. Warming tea leaves in water, preparing the cups and sitting down to drink. When we hear the words "I'll put the kettle on", muscles start to relax and worries begin to fade. This is one reason why tea remains the most widely consumed beverage in the world. Not only does it relax our psyche, the benefits it has on the body are prolific. In a nation where our soil has been depleted by agriculture, tea is one way to get back the minerals and vitamins needed to remain healthy. Teas are packed with antioxidants, anti inflammatory agents and polyphenols, which can improve a variety of chronic illnesses prevalent today.

Studies have shown that drinking tea slows down the speed of our brain waves. Everything from preparing tea, waiting for the herbs to steep, allowing it to cool, smelling the aroma and enjoying the warmth as it flows through our bodies, is a kind of meditation. Taking time for ourselves is just as important as eating a well balanced diet and getting a good nights rest. Going through the motions of making a cup of tea brings our primal senses back into action. In our fast paced culture where getting out in nature seems harder each year, we lose a little bit of those senses. Caring for ourselves with resources from nature allows us to continue to appreciate what it has to offer. So take a little bit of time and make yourself a cup of tea. Sit back, relax and enjoy the bountiful things it has to offer you. No one can care for you as well as you.

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