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Spring Equinox

As Winter fades into warmer shades of green, the buds of spring start to emerge. Finally, my favorite time of year! The smell of Jasmine, Lilacs and Hyacinth wafting through the air as darkness descends later in time. The temperature begins to warm and the shedding of heavy coats begins. The Spring Equinox is when both of our hemispheres share the sun equally, making night and day approximately the same length of time. Spring is a time when major transformation begins. As new life emerges, changes within our own bodies start happening. Our metabolism begins to increase, as well as our serotonin within the brain. We may feel antsy, wanting to get out more, travel, or be with other people.

Studies show that it takes approximately 20 days to adjust to a new season. There are many herbs that can help with this transition. I have combined the best together in a new tincture that has been brewing for the last 6 weeks. It is available now for a short period of time and won't be back again until the next Spring Equinox. This formula will assist the body's hormones to gradually acclimate to our new season gracefully. The formula consists of Tulsi, Passionflower, Roman Chamomile, Calendula, Oat Straw, Lemon Balm, and Vanilla. It tastes like nectar and it not only balances mood, but uplifts the mind and grounds the body.

You can find the product here. This is the first of the four that will be coming your way. I hope you all can get out and enjoy Spring! Appreciate the beauty that surrounds us all. Stay well and Happy Spring to you all! Jody


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