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The Essential Herbal Travel Kit is a lightweight, one stop shop with powerful products to help you through the tribulations of travel. Kit includes: Three doses of elderberry tea to boost the immune system, stored in a drawstring pouch. A comfrey wound salve to assist with scrapes, bites and burns. A hand sanitizer to clear away germs as you move from place to place. An essential oil immune roller to kill a cold before it happens. A lip balm to help unchap and moisturize, and a pillow spray to relax you as you drift off to sleep. The clear pouch will help you find what you need quickly and the small size will allow you to carry it anywhere! Description card included with detailed ingredients.

Essential Herbal Travel Kit

  • Elderberry Cold and Flu Tea, Wound Salve, Lip Balm, Hand Sanitizer, Pillow Spray, Immune Roller & Description and Ingredient Card

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